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Mountain Bike Apparel

Comfortable Mountain Bike Apparel in Australia

Mountain biking is a fun and healthy sport that generally does not require expensive apparel to enjoy with your whole family. This, however, does not mean that you don’t have to look the part or sacrifice essential protective gear. Crofto offers MTB enthusiasts a range of quality, branded mountain bike apparel at reasonable prices. So, let’s have a look

Our Branded MTB Apparel for You

There is a distinct difference between MTB clothes and regular shirts and pants. That is the obvious fact that our biking clothes are designed for comfort and durability when mountain biking for pleasure. No snaggy bits that get in the way and might cause you to lose control during a downhill race with the kids.

  • Riding shirts and T-shirts. We have several styles and colourfully patterned shirts available. They are made from light and durable polyester; the shirts are easy to wash and quick drying. These are branded with the Crofto logo and offer remarkable performance out on the track.
  • Shorts. Designed for biking, our premium shorts have five pockets in the right places. This allows easy access to energy bars, route maps and mobile phones without needing to dismount from your wheeled pony. We have chosen a nylon and spandex mix for the material, as this offers superior four-way stretch performance. The waistband is elasticated and has loops to keep your utility belt in place. Several colours are available, including green, grey and black.
  • Protective gear. Spills and falls are part of mountain biking fun, but it also means that you must wear protective gear to prevent serious injuries. We have padded gloves designed for comfort and preventing hand fatigue from riding all day. Our lightweight knee and elbow pads are a favourite among weekend riders, as it offers excellent protection for the family. One step up, and our Enduro pads provide maximum protection for riders who like to push the trail with downhill races and air time.

We also have packages available that offer excellent savings on combination purchases. Kit yourself out with a shirt, pair of pants, socks and some gloves at an unbeatable price–the best part is that you choose the colours.

About Shopping at Crofto

Crofto apparel is the choice for mountain bikers who wish to enjoy the sport. All our gear has been extensively field-tested by ourselves on the local tracks of Ourimbah and Awaba. We know that if it doesn’t work for us, it’ll probably not work for you. So, we only stock the apparel that we know fellow mountain bikers will appreciate. In addition:

  • Crofto branded apparel is also available from local MTB shops that appreciate the value we bring to the sport with our quality clothing and protective gear. We always encourage customers to support their local bike shop.
  • We have a transparent exchange and returns policy regarding all items purchased directly from our web shop. If the shirt fits a bit tight, we will gladly exchange it for a larger size.
  • We offer free express shipping within Australia on all orders of more than $80 in value.

Contact us today to enjoy the most comfortable mountain bike apparel in Australia or if you have trade enquiries regarding Crofto gear.