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Mountain Bike Shirt

Comfortably Stand Out on the Trails With a Mountain Bike Shirt

When you prepare for a weekend adventure or a quick ride after work, having the right mountain bike shirt to reach for makes it easy to get ready. You could just toss on any old t-shirt, but choosing apparel made with your activity of choice in mind has advantages beyond just looking good on the trails. At Crofto, our team of mountain biking enthusiasts wanted to make it easier for our fellow riders to find apparel that suits their style and provides the advantages of purpose-made athletic wear.

Today, we're proud to provide a full range of clothing for bikers from beginners to professionals, all designed with the specific challenges of riding in mind. Through first-hand experience and a clear understanding of what the trails demand, we've built a brand you can trust for all your gear.

What Makes MTB T-Shirts Different From Other Apparel?

There are a few reasons mountain bike riders should consider having at least a few purpose-made shirts to reach for before going riding. What sets them apart from your average cotton t-shirt and makes them a worthy investment?

  • Wicking fabrics. Perhaps the most important feature, biking shirts feature highly breathable fabrics that draw sweat away from the body and allow it to evaporate, helping keep you cool even on the toughest rides.
  • The fit. These shirts fit more closely to the body than the average t-shirt, which often hangs loosely. The close fit both aids the wicking effect and ensures you can't easily become snagged or caught on the environment.
  • The cut. Designed with a cut that prevents the shirt from riding up, you can enjoy full coverage throughout the ride.

Getting the Most Value From Your Mountain Bike T-shirts

Once you've settled on one of our eye-catching designs, how can you be sure that you can enjoy your purchase for as long as possible? Here are a few of our top tips for extending the life of your shirts:

  • Wash your shirts promptly after use by following the care instructions on the tag. Regular washes will both help control the development of lingering odours and keep your shirt looking its best.
  • Always hang to dry. Try to avoid leaving your shirts stuffed into bags or crumpled on the floor. Promptly hanging the shirt to finish drying will give you the best results. The fast-drying fabric means you won't have to wait long until it's ready again.
  • Avoid high heat electric dryers and hot water washes. Although polyester mountain biking clothes are highly resilient, high heat does increase the risk of shrinkage.


Why You Should Choose Crofto for Women's MTB Shirts

With comfortable, durable materials that are easy to care for over the long term, Crofto apparel for both men and women is the ideal choice for the savvy rider. Easily find everything you need in one place and enjoy stress-free shopping — we'll exchange any item for any reason if you find that the fit is not what you expected. Start shopping for mountain bike t-shirts in Australia now, or contact us with any of your questions.