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CROFTO is Australia’s newest Mountain Biking clothing and accessory brand, bringing you great quality riding gear at an amazing price! Here at CROFTO, we aim to offer the best value and function to your Mountain Biking clothing needs!

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Mountain Bike Clothing and Gear

Mountain Bike Clothing for Optimal Protection and Style

For MTB riders, keeping safe on the trail is essential. It’s not exactly a ‘soft’ sport. Using the correct mountain bike clothing and gear is not only the responsible thing to do, but also required at nearly all trails in Australia before you are allowed to ride. Of course, the primary function of riding gear is to keep you safe, but there is much more to it than that. What’s the point of braving the trails, geared from head to toe, if you can’t look good doing it?

Safe, Stylish MTB Clothes

As passionate nature enthusiasts, we’ve learned a long time ago that there is no more exhilarating way to experience and enjoy the beautiful Australian outdoors than up close and personal on a mountain bike. Like most other MTB enthusiasts, we also learned the hard way that good MTB clothing is pricey. So, we set about designing and creating a range of gear that offers optimal protection and look stylish at prices that are reasonable and affordable.

  • Superior comfort: Our extensive experience as MTB riders have helped us a great deal in designing the Crofto range. We’ve implemented minor design elements that have a big impact on the comfort and practicality of our gear. From rear drops on our riding shirts to stop the shirt from riding up, to quick-dry four-way stretching spandex and nylon material in our shorts, with an elastic waist. We’ve implemented many other small, practical tweaks for superior comfort.
  • Lightweight, comfortable pads: We offer a wide range of knee- and elbow pads. Our Enduro range offers maximum protection for extreme riders with built-in, high-impact three-layer protection. Our lightweight range provides more than enough protection for those of us with a more sensible riding attitude, sporting a breathable polyester sleeve. The padding material will naturally mould to the shape of your arm or knee, while silicone gripper bands ensure the pad stays firmly in place.
  • Optimal hand protection: Our range of padded gloves were designed not only for optimal hand protection but also for comfort. Made from snug fitting and comfortable four-way stretch material, it features breathable, upper hand material, protective padding on the palm, and strong Velcro cuffs. It also eliminates the need to take off your gloves when using your phone with smartphone swipe-friendly coatings on the thumb and forefinger.
  • Fresh, dry feet: A long day out on the trail means lots of sweat. Keeping your feet comfortable and dry is easier said than done. Our unique mix of bamboo, elastane and nylon riding socks features a soft terry material base with flat-stitched seams for added comfort. They offer excellent absorption, keeping your feet fresh and dry all day.

Affordable Gear, Excellent Service

Our overriding goal with Crofto is to supply MTB gear in Australia that looks good, is of superior quality, and is affordably priced. We’ve achieved that goal with a host of products taking the MTB gear community in Australia by storm.

  • MTB riding is our passion and as part of the MTB community, we are fully committed to customer service of the highest standard. Our convenient online shop offers secure and easy shopping and fast, reliable Australia-wide, as well as international shipping.
  • Why wait weeks when you can get your order shipped to your door within days. We offer Free express shipping for orders over $80 within Australia.
  • You can get Crofto gear locally. Our list of local stockists is growing rapidly and will soon be all over Australia.

Our Newest Range of MTB Clothing in Australia

Mountain bike clothing in Australia is sometimes prohibitively expensive. Optimal safety does require an optimal price tag, after all. Or does it? Crofto is Australia’s newest line of mountain bike gear, offering a wide range of stylish gear to keep you safe and help you look your best while tearing up the trails. So what, you ask? So being safe and looking good no longer has to cost a small fortune – that’s what. We pride ourselves on manufacturing top-quality MTB gear at affordable, reasonable prices.

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