Crofto team standing outside tent

CROFTO have teamed up with Rocky Trail Entertainment to sponsor the Shimano GP Cross Country Mountain Bike Race at Stromlo in Canberra. This exciting partnership brings together two companies with a passion for mountain biking and a commitment to supporting the sport.

What is the Shimano GP?

The Shimano GP is a popular mountain bike race series that takes place across Australia. It attracts riders of all skill levels, from beginners to experienced racers. The series consists of seven races, each with a different course and varying levels of difficulty. The Shimano Grand Prix Mountain bike races bring back classic lap racing in 2023 with a set of distance challenges on short-course circuits. This round will be held at epic Stromlo Forest Park in Canberra, and we’ve picked a blinder of a 9.8km racetrack with 3 race distances – The Hero (longest), The Adventure (middle) and The Challenge (shortest).

CROFTO is a leading manufacturer of high-quality mountain biking gear. The company offers a wide range of products, including pads, gloves, jerseys, and shorts. CROFTO is known for its innovative designs and commitment to using the best materials and construction techniques.

Who are Rocky Trail Entertainment?

Rocky Trail Entertainment is a well-known event management company that specializes in mountain biking events. The company has been organizing races and other events for over a decade and has built a reputation for delivering high-quality, professionally organized events. Run by Martin and Julianne Wisata they have been a leading force on the Australian MTB scene.

Together, CROFTO and Rocky Trail Entertainment bring you the Shimano GP in Canberra. This sponsorship includes providing prizes for the winners of each race, as well as product demonstrations and giveaways for spectators.

The partnership between CROFTO and Rocky Trail Entertainment is a perfect match as both companies are committed to promoting and supporting mountain biking. By sponsoring the Shimano GP Cross Country Mountain Bike Race in Canberra, they are helping to grow the sport and give riders of all skill levels the opportunity to compete in a challenging and exciting event.

In conclusion, the partnership between CROFTO Mountain Bike Gear and Rocky Trail Entertainment is a great example of how two companies can come together to support a common cause. By sponsoring the Shimano GP, they are helping to promote the sport of mountain biking and give riders the opportunity to compete in a world-class event.

Crofto team standing outside tent