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MTB Knee Pads

We Produce and Supply MTB Knee Pads

Few riders make it through an adventure without falling off their bike, which serves as a reminder that wearing MTB knee pads, amongst other safety gear, is essential. While cycling is generally a low-impact sport, continuous peddling can lead to strain on the knees in addition to the possibility of injuring the knee in an accident. You shouldn’t neglect to wear proper safety gear, including MTB pads, whether you’re a seasoned rider or heading out for your first journey. Crofto has worked hard to produce safety equipment that is of high standards to keep you safe on your mountain adventures.

Reasons You Should Wear Mountain Bike Knee Pads

Experienced cyclists can share several stories about falling off their bikes during a ride and injuring their bodies in one way or the other. Your knees are generally a soft part of your body and require proper protection, especially on a trail that contains all types of rocks and sharp objects. Cycling without safety gear isn’t cool, so perhaps understanding the reasons behind wearing MTB knee guards can convince you to do the right thing.

  • Both professional and casual cyclists enjoy better performance and level of comfort with knee pads. This equipment will reduce the impact of a fall on uneven surfaces and eliminate the potential for serious damage. Also, you will find that certain knee pads have a modern design that promotes air circulation and alleviates strain on the knee. Consequently, you can enjoy your mountain rides with confidence and peace of mind.
  • Cycling enthusiasts are at risk of hyperextending the knee because of the constant peddling, which can lead to a complete knee collapse. Knee pads increase support for this body part, and with the stretchy section at the back of the knee, the pad holds up the knee muscles, preventing over and hyperextension. By wearing the ideal safety gear on your knees, you’re avoiding damage to your calf muscles as well.
  • If you love riding throughout the year, there’s no doubt that the winter months can be tough, especially if you prefer heading out before sunrise. Wearing proper knee pads can help heat up your body since it’s an extra layer of protection on top of your clothing. Generally, the knee joints can become stiff when it’s cold outside, which puts you at risk of injury while riding if the muscles around the knee aren’t warm enough. Knee pads serve a double purpose in this case.
  • Understanding that you have the necessary protection in place enhances your confidence as you ride. When you have the proper equipment, you will naturally feel comfortable heading out to unknown trails, and, as a result, you will develop your skills as a cyclist.

Consider This When Buying Mountain Bike Elbow Pads

MTB elbow pads are just as important as knee pads since they offer protection to another joint in your body. When you’re acquiring this gear, these are the critical points to consider.

  • Padding material directly affects the bulkiness of the gear and its effectiveness. Pads with a plastic outer shell increase protection from impacts, but may be more difficult to ride in because of their size. If you’re a downhill rider as opposed to a cross country or trail cyclist, the larger padding may be ideal for you. Lightweight versions include polyester, which still offers protection but is smaller in size.
  • The length of the sleeve dictates how much protection you have. You might come across pads that go up to the shoulder while others will cover the elbow and a bit on both sides of the joint. You need to understand your needs as a rider to acquire the ideal elbow pad for you.
  • Think about how the pads will stay in place. Velcro is one option, but it is quite bulky, which can be uncomfortable. Silicone is a popular option that prevents the sleeves from falling while riding. These are usually the most comfortable for long trips but make sure that you have a snug fit that’s not too loose or too tight.


Why Trust Crofto for Your MTB Knee and Elbow Pads

We are one of the leading mountain biking clothing and accessory brands in Australia. We’ve packed our online store with all the products you need to head out on a cycling adventure anywhere in the country. With flexible payment options available, you’ll have a pleasant shopping experience online.

We have a passion for mountain biking ourselves and have been doing it since 2009, so you can rest assured that we have total confidence in the products we stock. Contact us if you require further assistance or need advice on a product.